Turnkey Solutions

The highest quality & cost effective assembly

Our streamline approach assures that no time is wasted while manufacturing your part. While your PCB board is being manufactured, placement programming and parts ordering are done simultaneously. Once PCBs are ready and parts have arrived we are prepared to start assembly on your part.

Get the best price

Our relationships with our suppliers is fundamental to the turnkey solution we have to offer you.

4 week turnaround

Contact us if you would like a project finished faster.

Turnkey Electronic Manufacturing

If you have a great idea, no matter how big or small we can assist in bringing it to reality. If you envision it we can build it, that’s our primary objective. We have network of talented engineers, designers, and production personnel to get the job done.

  • Capable of running 2 shifts & weekends
  • Cost Effective Manufacturing
  • Quality delivered products
  • Quick turnaround prototypes
  • On time delivery
  • 100% Lead Free