cable harnessing

Cable Harnessing

Compliment your PCB & box assembly

Whether it’s a build in conjunction with your PCB assembly, or a separate contract for cable assemblies, we can meet your stringent requirements.

We provide:

  • SXL, PVC, Nylon, Teflon-Jacketed, Solid Stranded, Multi Conductor, and Coax
  • Cables can be a single wire or multi wire harness with numerous breakouts and terminations, soldered and crimped
  • UL-Approved Cable and connectors
  • Build to Commercial and Military Specifications (Mil Spec Connectors)
  • IPC / WHMA – A – 620/Serial Bus/Ethernet Cat 5

Custom cable assemblies

We can also assist you in designing cable assemblies for your desired requirements.  All cables are inspected & tested before it leaves our facility.

Cable Harnessing

Our Capabilities

  • CNC Pick and Place Machine
  • Wave Solder Machine
  • Solder Paste Application Machine
  • Reflow Oven
  • X-Ray Machine
  • Programming & Testing
  • Rigorous Inspection
  • Capable of running 2 shifts & weekends
  • Cost Effective Manufacturing
  • Quality delivered products
  • Quick turnaround prototypes
  • On time delivery
  • 100% Lead Free