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PCB Assembly

The highest quality & cost effective assembly

AEM was built on its fundamental knowledge of electronics manufacturing, implementing the best processes to ensure products are built to the highest standards.

Our facility is equipped with 3 fully automated SMT lines, capable of placing components as small as 0201 (Metric) and a wide range of fine pitch components.

curcuit boards

Our automated Pick and Place machines expedite your delivery and provide the best quality

Our facility is equipped with a stencil printer which inspects solder paste application prior to populating components.
Once boards are finished SMT population, the boards are transferred to our multi-zone reflow oven which has temperature profiles which fit your design tolerances. Through hole components are wave soldered using our automated soldering machine.

We operate 100% lead free and are RoHS Compliant

We specialize in industries such as environmental, medical, marine, communications, IIoT, and agriculture. Our experienced technicians are able to quickly adapt to the industries developing requirements and implement the best practices.  Once boards are finished SMT population, through hole components are wave soldered using our automated soldering machine.


Our company has been working with AEM since 2021. During this time, Vaish and his team have consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to quality, manufacturing expertise, and exceptional service from start to finish. Vaish and his team are not only highly skilled but also incredibly responsive and attentive. They took the time to understand our project requirements and have provided valuable insights and suggestions to optimize the assembly process. Their ongoing open communication and willingness to accommodate our specific needs has fostered a collaborative and productive working relationship that has been of real benefit to our company. I highly recommend AEM to anyone in need of reliable and expert PCB assembly services.

Supply Chain Manager,Medical Device Technologies

My experience with AEM has been more than positive. Not only has this company advised and assisted us in the manufacturing of our USB chargers, they will be helping us in marketing our products as well. We are very pleased with the integrity of service that we have received with this company.

CFO,Smart Home Devices

Active Electronic Manufacturing (AEM) has been a good manufacturing partner for us. They are committed to good quality, quick turnaround, and great customer service.

Manufacturing Manager,Clean Energy Technology

Sathia and Vaish have been extremely helpful in our prototyping phase. They have a great team behind them and always provided us with a quick turnaround.

Founder,Wearable Technologies

Let us exceed your expectations

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